Motion in Vacuum


This new Gate Valve ensures excellent features:

Smooth vibration-free operation for the entire open/close cycle.
No springs in the mechanism, track-guided throughout the whole stroke.
Very low particle generation and insensitive against dust and dirt from outside the valve.
Locked in open and in closed position
Insensitive in pressure difference: Nothing can hang-out, no damage if it opens against differential pressure.
Long service intervals: 200,000 cycles in HV; 50,000 cycles in UHV version.
All sizes: 63, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 320, 400. All flange standards, all actuators: handlever, handwheel, pneumatic, steppermotor.

The mechanism. The valve and its mechanism is designed entirely in stainless steel and is based on a guided motion without the use of springs. The operating principle allows to operate the valve against any differential pressure from either side without damage. It depends on the level of differential pressure and its direction, that the valve might not be able to open, but it will stay without any damage.

The housing is welded from inside and it is designed to provide easy access  to the inner mechanism for maintenance purposes. The mechanism can be completely removed from the housing.

Seals. The valve plate is tightened by a Viton O-ring, available off-the-shelf.

Seals HV. The HV valve uses a Viton O-ring as rotary feedthrough which is tested for more than 500,000 cycles. The gasket for the bonnet flange on the housing is a Viton O-ring too.

Seals UHV. The UHV valve uses a metal bellows as feedthrough which is tested for more than 100,000 cycles. The gasket for the bonnet flange is a reusable metal seal as well as the gasket for the bellows feedthrough.

Flanges. This GATE Valve is available with all common flange standards like CF, ISO, ASA, JIS. Additional any customized flange system is possible. Additional ports for pumping, venting or gauging are available.

Actuators. This GATE Valve is available in both versions HV and UHV in the following actuations:

Scope of delivery. We ship the valve, packed, inside covered by transport flanges. Plug and counter plug where applicable. Cables where applicable.
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