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The company VSE VacuumTechnology is a private owned individual enterprise, founded and owned by Hubert Bösch. Developments in the field of vacuum valves where decades of experience, patents and know-how are available, are the backbone of its business. Phantasy, innovative ways of thinking, and consequentely keeping track of the specifiactions are the ways to meet the customer's requirements. If you have a technical problem in the field of vacuum valves, we are the right partner to speak with.



VSE VacuumTechnology
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e-mail:  office@vseworld.com 

Registered: 129.982a at Landesgericht Feldkirch, A-6800 FELDKIRCH.

Founding: 11-1994

V.A.T. Identification Number: ATU-37526405 (for the use in EC-countries only)

EORI-Number: ATEOS 100 000 6772 (for customs between EC and Non-EC-cluntries)

ÖNACE-Code: 77.40-0 (for statistic use of the Republic of Austria)




VSE Vacuum Technology is the owner of the Intellectual Property of all products and information, shown on this homepage. Patented IP can be verified on various patent documents. We have license contracts which enables our partners to manufacture, sell and market various products.




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Scope. These general terms and conditions of sale shall apply to all offers made and orders received. They shall form an integral part of the order confirmations. Placing of an order through customers implies their acceptance.

Data. All prices, technical data, illustrations, or dimensions are not binding and may be modified at any time without prior notice.

Prices. All prices are given in EURO, ex works, including packing. Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) is not included in these prices. Delivery to customers in Austria: The V.A.T. in the current rate will be added. Delivery to customers in the EC: If the customer handles us over his valid V.A.T.-identification number, we don't add the V.A.T. If the customer doesn't give us this number, or it is invalid, or it is spotted as invalid afterwards, we will add the current rate of V.A.T., possibly afterwards. Delivery to customers outside of the EC: No V.A.T. will be applicable.

Delivery. Dispatch is at the risk of the buyer, even in the event of free consignment. We reserve the right to reject an order if we have material doubt about customer's monetary reputation.

Payment. If not otherwise stipulated, the term of payment is 30 calendar days after delivery, net. No cash discount can be accepted. In the event of late payment, an interest rate of 1.2% per month will be charged, in addition to possible other charges. Keep back of payments or parts of payments due to counter-offset, warranty-refounds, defects or other reasons is not allowed.

Reservation of ownership. The delivered goods stay in our ownership until they are fully paid, they must not be reselled until then. In case of not fulfilled payment we reserve the right to call-back the goods. The customer is obliged not to pledge the delivered goods until they are fully paid.

Warranty. We guarantee a warranty period of 12 months, beginning at the receipt into customer's stock. In case of justified complaints or proven defects, we replace or repair the goods, according to our deciding. Replacement always requires the return of the complained goods. There is no warranty for subsequent damages.

Repairs. Maintenance and repair will be carried-out by us on demand. Goods sent back to us, independent of maintenance, repair or replacement i.e. in case of warranties, must be free from toxicant and noxious matters. Where applicable, they must undergo a decontamination prior to return. A certificate which certifies the harmless of the returned goods (can be downloaded unter "Declaration of decontamination") must be presented. Without this certificate, any shipment from a customer to us will not be unpacked and will be considered as not shipped.

Law and place of Court. The laws of the Federal Republic of Austria are applicable. The place of court is the "Bezirksgericht Dornbirn" in A-6850 DORNBIRN.

Confidentiality. Our drawings, samples, pricelists and other documents are our own Intellectual Property and must not be disclosed to third parties or used for customer's or third party's manufacturing purposes.

VSE Vacuum Technology

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